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Malaysia fails to show quality of high Malay civilization

08/30/07 12:13 Pekanbaru (ANTARA News) – Malaysia`s refusal to apologize for the torture incident of Indonesian karate referee Donald Peter Luther Kolopita by four Malaysian police last week does not reflect the quality of high Malay civilization, a man of literary said here on Thursday.

“The Malaysian attitude is counterproductive to the principles of neighborliness relationship of countries of the same stock. It shows low quality of Malay civilization,” cultural observer Dr Yusmar Yusuf said.

Last Friday, in Kuala Lumpur, karate referee Donald Luther Kolopita was physically assaulted by four Malaysian police officers without cause and had to be taken to a hospital for the injuries he had suffered.

Kolopita said he was beaten up and kicked in a police car while he was handcuffed. In protest against the brutality, Indonesia withdrew from the scheduled karate event.

Yusmar Yusuf said the incident which befell the Indonesian senior karate referee was a humanity case. The neighboring country had often abused Indonesian citizens, trampling on their human dignity. Indonesian workers are tortured to death by their employers.

Yusmar said it was natural if rallies had taken place in various part of the country due to Malaysia`s refusal to apologize for the incident.

He said that as countries of the same stock with close proximity, Indonesia and Malaysia should have maintained good cooperation and mutual understanding.

“European countries which share the same stock could unite and develop good cooperation,” Yusmar said.

The incident has sparked widepread rallies and protests from various quarters in Indonesia.

Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs Adhyaksa Dault had sent a letter of protest to the Malaysian government over the incident. He also considered to boycott all sports events to be held in Malaysia.

In the meantime, the House of Representatives urged the Indonesian government to evaluate its diplomatic relations with Kuala Lumpur.(*)

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