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Malaysian national anthem`s melody probably copy of Indonesian song: expert

10/04/07 00:04 Yogyakarta (ANTARA News) – A multi-media expert, Roy Suryo, said here on Wednesday the melody of Malaysia`s national anthem “Negaraku” is suspected to have been copied from the Indonesian song “Terang Bulan” which has existed in Indonesia since the 1930s.

“Terang Bulan (Full Moon) has been a folk song in Indonesia for a long time. After its independence in 1957 Malaysia probably took the melody and changed the lyrics into “Negaraku” (My Country) to serve as its national anthem,” he said to ANTARA News.

He said the song “Rasa Sayange” (Love) which was claimed by Malaysia as its song actually had also been sung in Indonesia long before Malaysia gained independence, adding the song indeed was often sung by ethnic Malays at the time .

“Rasa Sayange can also be found in the documentary film `Insulinde zooals het leeft en werkt` on life in Indonesia between 1927 and 1940 produced by NV Haghefilm Denhaag. This proves that the song was already popular among Indonesians long before Malaysia gained independence,” he said.

He said he was now trying to find the original copies of films that carried the two songs to prove that they were created by Indonesian people.

“Although I already have their digital films, tomorrow I will come to the Indonesian National Archive to find the original reels of the films,” he said.

He said Malaysia indeed had always found ways to support its claims, adding he beleived the neighboring country had already patented the song before it was made known to the public.

“This is like the cases of batik, tempe and Indonesian traditional dances that have been claimed by Malaysia as its properties. This indeed can serve as a lesson for Indonesia with regard to protection of its cultural properties and for the counry to immediately patent the intelectual properties of its people,” he said.(*)

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