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Rela backs its claim with visit to apartment


Rela backs its claim with visit to apartment KUALA LUMPUR: The door of an apartment rented by Indonesian student Muhammad Yunus Lubis was not damaged in a raid conducted by Rela officers as claimed by the Indonesian embassy.

(to check this please see here Pasukan RELA Merusak Kediaman Mahasiswa Indonesia )

Senior members of the Rela party that conducted the raid took journalists to the apartment located on the first floor of a shop house near the bus terminal in Jalan Reko in Kajang yesterday to substantiate their claim.

A check by The Star showed no visible damage on the door.

Rela director-general Datuk Zaidon Asmuni, who also came along, said his officers had no need to use any force as Muhammad Yunus had opened the door when Rela officers went there between 4am and 5am on Oct 7 following a tip-off.

He said the purpose of the raid was to check on complaints that there was an unmarried couple living together in the apartment.

The raiding party was led by district Rela officer Musa Mohd Yunus accompanied by another senior member Raja Ismail Raja Nordin.

“Both of them were with three other raiding members who spent about five or 10 minutes, at the most, at the door checking on documents of the couple,” he said.

The grilled iron door to the apartment was not locked at the time of the raid, he added.

He also said the raiding party did not enter the apartment but left the apartment once Muhammad Yunus, a UKM student, produced a marriage certificate and their student passes.

He said Muhammad Yunus was welcome to his office if he needed clarification.

Muhammad Yunus had complained to the Indonesian embassy that Rela officers had refused to pay compensation for the damage caused to his apartment during the raid.

Zaidon said that as an educated person, Muhammad Yunus should not resort to defaming Rela but should be truthful because the Rela officers had apologised profusely before leaving.


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